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Just Wanna Be With You Fanmix
OMG Ich reaktiviere meinen alten Live Journal account XD! Und ich mache das um euch meinen ersten Fanmix zu zeigen... Er ist aber ehrlich nicht sehr gut

OMG I really reactivate my old Live Journal account XD. Yeah and i do this to present you my first Fanmix ever... it's not very good ^^;;~

1. Faye Wong - Eyes on MeSo let me come to you ~ Close as I wanna be ~ Close enough for me, ~ To feel your heart beating fast ~ And stay there as whisper ~How I loved your peaceful eyes on me

2. Taylor Swift - Lovestory
So I sneak out to the garden to see you ~ We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew ~ So close your eyes; escape this town for a little while.

3. Jonas Brothers - Love Bug
I can’t get your smile out of my mind ~ I think bout your eyes all the time ~ Beautiful but you don’t even try ~ Modesty is just so hard to find

4. Idina Menzel - Gorgeous
Everything we are ~ And all that we believe ~ We could finally be ~ Whoever we both want to be

5.Paramore -Hallelujah (Acoustic)
This time we're not giving up ~ Let's make it last forever ~ Screaming "hallelujah" ~ We'll make it last forever

6. Th Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
Nobody gonna love me better ~ I must stick with you forever ~ Nobody gonna take me higher ~ I must stick with you ~ You know how to appreciate me ~ I must stick with you, my baby ~ Nobody ever made me feel this way ~ I must stick with you.

7. HSM 1 - I can' take my eyes off of yo

All things change ~ When you don't expect them to ~ No one knows~ What the future’s gonna do
~I never even noticed ~That you’ve been there all along

8. Drew Seeley - Summertime

With you it's always summertime ~ Even when it's winter time ~ Even when I'm feelin like ~ Nothin else is goin right ~ When rain clouds fill the sky ~You bring out the sunshine ~ You'll always be my sumertime baby

9. Valentine - You and Me

We stand, we fall, we’re bruised, we want to love ~ Oh see the signs, it’s all right ~ Time is on our side

10. Bonus Track - HSM 3 - Just Wanna Be with you
[Ryan]I got a lot of things ~ I have to do ~ All this distractions ~ Our future coming soon ~ We’re being pulled
[Ryan and Kelsi]
A hundred different directions
But whatever happens
[Ryan and Kelsi]
I know I got you
You’re on my mind ~ You’re in my heart ~
[Ryan and Kelsi]
It doesn’t matter where we are
We’ll be alright ~ Even if we’re
[Ryan and Kelsi]
Miles apart

Zip-File: - just wanna be with you.rar

This is my favourite parring since the first movie and i still love them <3

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