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Twilight RPG - Elizabeth Forster - I Belong to me
Fanmix zu meinem Chara Elizabeth im Foren RPG Twilight - The safest Time of the Day
01. Vanessa Carlton - Twillight
And I will never see the sky the same way and
I will learn to say good-bye to yesterday and
I will never cease to fly if held down and
I will always reach too high cause I've seen, cause I've seen, twilight

02. 3 Doors Down - Here Without you
I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby 

03. Kellie Pickler - How Much I Loved You

 Didn't you know how much I loved you
Didn't you know how much I loved you, baby
I gave you everything, every part of me

04. Katy Perry - Lost
Have you ever been so lost
Known the way and still so lost
Another night waiting for someone to take me home
Have you ever been so lost

05.Idina Menzel - Brave
When I feel as though you're pushing me away
Well who's to blame, are we making the right choices
Cause we can't be sure if we're hearing our own voices
As we close the door even though we are so desperate to stay

06. Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet about me*
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me

07. Demi Lovato - 2 Worlds Collide
You had your dreams, I had mine
You had your fears, I was fine
Showed me what I couldn't find
When two different worlds collide

08.Drew Seeley - Back to the days
Let's go back to the days when [...] our troubles were far away
Let's go back to the time and then start over
Cause I can't let you go away

09. The Veronicas - This is how it feels
This is how it feels
When the trust you had is broken,
And your left to burn with your heart wide open

10. The Cab - One of those nights
I'm a mess and you're worse
Just give me time
To give you a waste of time
One of those nights
When you leave me for no reason
I'll give you a reason

* Auf der Backart dürfte sich hier ein kleiner Schreibfehler eingeschlichen haben - bitte übersehen


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